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Pistachio Green Earrings


Handmade green marble glass bead, amber glass beads and a gold geometrical accent. For the elegant lover!

height: 4 cm
Width: 2 cm

Handmade glass beads with Stainless Steel 18k gold enameled plated ear posts and findings ( allergy free, nickel free and chemical free)


Note: photos are to show scale, and are not representative of color/pattern. Color/pattern may be slightly different as this product is made to order by hand and no two products are the same. Please see first photo for accurate depiction of color or pattern.

These statement earrings are handmade from clay with utmost care and precision. The earrings  are easy to wear as they are very light in weight and stylish.


  • processing time for all orders is 3-7 business days
  • please wipe with a soft cloth after every use
  • Do not expose to water/Perfumes/lotions
  • Do not drop the earrings as it may damage the style

Please see our FAQ page and Policies for additional information and care instructions.

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Pistachio green earrings for the extravagant lover!

Our dangling effect green earrings  in gold consist of handmade glass bead pendant  for a simple yet minimalistic look. Each statement earring is handmade with love, care and passion for you! These unique pistachio and amber contrast earrings earrings are made out of glass bead pendants, which are carefully handcrafted in Europe,  and a choice of stainless steel  gold ear posts for a good variety for you.

We give you the opportunity this time to customize it to your liking or choice! Choose your colors and define your style! 

This style was initially introduced this year after being inspired by the cold and pastel structures around Aarhus, Denmark and Nice, France.

These earrings are perfect for a cute fall look! They complement any outfits perfectly . they lightness of these earrings is another win point! They are super light weight and you do not feel them in your ears at all! Hence say bye to all those painful earring moments and hello to much style!

How do you style it?

Simple! Just throw on any pastel shaded outfit and complement it with these earrings! You could also compliment it with any dark shade outfit.  We are positive that it would be really amazing on you! 

How to care?

Firstly, do place your earrings in a closed jewelry box. Do not expose it to water or substances such as perfume as it may affect the color of the earrings. The clay pendants are highly unbreakable, however, do ensure that they are not dropped frequently.

To obtain an idea of how to style it or more elaborated pictures of these earrings, check out our instagram page for more! We have a wide range of how our community styles our jewelry for any specific occasion! 

Lastly, check out our other similar color blocked dangling earring styles too!

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Pistachio Green Earrings

Availability: 2 in stock

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