Buy the most unique handmade rings for women from Statemode!

Our online store offers you to buy a variety of handmade rings for women. We propose rings from such materials as 925 Sterling silver, rhodium rose gold plating, and Rhodium Silver plating. All materials are nickel-free and chemical-free.

How do we make our handmade rings?

All products are produced with much love and care by a small local business in Sri Lanka. First of all, we choose the best of the options suggested by our designer. Then we arrange for quantities with our manufacturer in a small village in Sri Lanka. After that, we receive handcrafted rings of high quality, which we pay the local employees decently. 

Where inspiration comes from?

Each handmade ring draws its inspiration from its own exclusive source. To clarify where any ring idea came from you should check the description of this model on the product page. We can only tell that we are taking inspiration from historical architecture and art because it’s a timeless source of inspiration for many generations.

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