We offer you a wide range of handmade necklaces from STATEMODE.

You can find a wide offer of different handmade necklaces. We have such homemade necklaces as layering chains, long pendant chains, long chains, statement necklaces, geometrical necklaces, abstract necklaces, minimalistic necklaces. 

How do we create handcrafted necklaces?

The secrets of our craftsmanship have come to us straight from the homes of Malaysia. In our store, we pay great attention to every piece of our beautiful handcrafted necklaces, therefore we choose the best materials free of chemical additives and nickel to create our beautiful handmade chains. 

Where does inspiration come from?

When we create our necklaces, we are inspired by ancient art and sculpture. You can find echoes of world-famous works of art in our chains. And when choosing colors, we try to approach each collection individually. It mostly depends on the current season, on the color trends in a given period. We treat every piece of product the same so we can assure you most unique necklaces on the market.

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