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With great difficulties in finding stylish and affordable statement pieces, the creative side of me was inspired to make some of my own. 2013 was the start of all, where I started making simple charm bracelets which eventually lead me to make a plethora of other accessories ranging from necklaces to earrings and hand painted canvases. My journey started in the little island of Penang, Malaysia before moving to Dubai and now finally Hamburg, which is our permanent home. Every piece is designed and produced with much love and care by me to make you feel extra special and chic. Hence, style up and feel bold!


Founder of Statemode
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Deliver value to customers through quality and style. We strive to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our handmade pieces. We are all about Empowerment and boldness for our community.

 Our jewelry is handmade from scratch with bold colours and a reflection on the elements surrounding us to spark your positivity and empower you


Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted by us in the city of Hamburg. We put so much of care and passion when producing every piece of jewelry on our end. 

We offer a minimum wage for outsourced services and do not support businesses that do not have best practices. 



Sustainability is key on our end! We run a zero wastage production process in manufacturing our beads, where even the crumbs of drilling our jewelry pieces do not end up in the bin, 

but in our trinket dishes which are up for sale. No chemicals are used to achieving a glossy finish on our jewelry pieces,  as this is a handmade process. 

All gold filled wire types used in our production are made of recycled metals and are fairly produced. 70% of the metal components used in our production is from a small family business from Thailand. 

Leftover metals are collected and given to metal recyclers in Germany. We do not use any plastic in our packaging. All our packaging is made from FSC certified paper 

and our jewelry pouches are out of cotton which is reusable to store all your jewelry. 


 We frequently attend alot of designer events in Germany as well as Denmark. Please follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on our whereabouts.



Sylt Store, Berlin 
Jede Studio, Hamburg 
Lena Library, Amsterdam 



We strongly believe that: 

“Girls compete with each other,  women empower one another” 

We are always open to collaborations with different brands from different parts of the world. 

If you have any inquiries about custom making your own design or about wholesale orders ( i.e obtaining our catalog) , do drop us an email at info@statemode.com.  

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